Steve Stoute Launches New Music Venture

#WordOnTheStreet is that Steve Stoute, veteran record exec, is changing the game with his new music venture, #UnitedMasters. United Masters will help up-and-coming artist with getting their music on major streaming platforms like #AppleMusic, #Pandora and #Spotify. See…Stoute was able to secure $70 million in funding from Silicon Valley Investments. Stoute stated they want to “build a business that helps musicians, which is my passion, and also helps brands find a much more specific way of investing their money in the category of music.” UnitedMasters will work with artists by having them pay “the lowest price for distribution” to have their music streamed on major internet sites. The company will then pay the streaming companies after the songs are played. In some cases, they may earn a small percentage of what the artists earned from their songs being streamed. Still gotta get their cut, right? The best thing is that the artist will own the rights to their music. Artist are able to sign up for their own accounts but UnitedMasters will also be trolling sites like Youtube and Soundcloud in search of what they feel might be promising investments. So far, about 1,000 artists are working with the company. So, all you hopefuls get signed up! Are yall going to wait to be discovered or all yall going to take your career into your own hands, sign up, and make it happen? Good luck!


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