Torrei Hart ready to co-parent!

#WordOnTheStreet is that #TorreiHart, ex-wife of comedian and actor #KevinHart, wants to help co-parent his new baby with his wife #EnikoParrish. Torrei says she's ready to embrace her children's new sibling as one of her own. In a recent #Essence interview Torrei revealed she has "baby fever" but doesn't want any more kids. She was quoted saying "I wanna be able to love on this baby just like they're loving on the baby. With co-parenting, you have to get it right so it's not a weird thing. I just want peace." See...Torrei and Kevin haven't always seen eye-to-eye in the past and their dirty laundry has been aired out in public. As a matter of fact, Torrei and Eniko were just dragging each other on social media a few months ago. Eniko was claiming she wasn't Kevin's side chick when he was married to Torrei but Torrei begged to differ. We'll leave the past in the past though. Either way, we hope they can figure it out for the kids' sake because the baby is due any day now. Why do y'all think people have such a hard time co-parenting? Can it be done effectively? Let us know what you think.


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