Baby mama drama!

#WordOnTheStreet is that there's drama in the #Kardashian clan. Kim threw a lavish baby shower over the weekend to celebrate the upcoming birth of her 3rd child and the streets are saying that her baby sister Kylie is pissed. Why? See... Kylie had been planning her baby shower for months and apparently Kim planned her shower at the last minute...a day before Kylie's! They say Kylie thought it was ridiculous because Kim isn't even carrying her baby- she and Kanye have a surrogate. Mom, Kris, had to step in and calm the situation down because she didn't want the ladies fighting since everyone (Kim, Khloe and Kylie) is so hormonal. Do y'all think Kim tried to steal her sister's shine or is Kylie overreacting? What's tea, sis? ☕️ #KimKardashian

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