Drama in the A!

#WordOnTheStreet is that there's a storm brewing in the A. See... Porsha is pissed because Kenya has been hiding her "husband" from the cameras. Kenya got married in a private ceremony back in June in St. Lucia to Marc Daly. Porsha is pissed because everybody else on the show is "obligated to open up"and share their private lives with the world. Apparently, she's not the only person pissed with Kenya. The streets are saying producers of #RHOAare pissed as well because they pay Kenya a lot of money to share her authentic life on the show and now her peach may be in jeopardy. Kenya says she doesn't want her husband on the show as a way to protect her marriage. Do y'all think Kenya is right for trying to keep parts of her life private or should she have to air her dirty laundry on the show like everybody else? I mean...it is REALITY TV! Oh yeah...Kenya the people still want to see that marriage certificate. We need #receipts!

#saywhatnowpodcastpodcastnewscelebrity #blacklivesmatter #rhoa

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