Biden 2020!?

Former VP Joe Biden has said he is not “closing the door” to a possible run in 2020. In 2016, Joe flirted with the idea of a shot at the oval but ultimately turned it down to clear the path for a President Hillary Clinton. Word on the street is that the Dems, during the 2016 campaign, were ready to call up Ol’ Joe to replace Secretary Clinton when she became ill on the trail.

If Biden decides to give it a go, this would make his third bid for the presidency after running before in 1988 and 2008. Joe is more than qualified for the job, unlike #45. Before serving as VP, he represented Delaware in the US Senate for over 35 years.

2020 is already looking like an interesting contest. What you think about a President Biden? Who would you like to see throw their hat in the ring?


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